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LTD Gamma

Company produces tomato paste in various concentrations, whole peeled tomatoes in own juice, compotes, fruit purees etc. in tin cans

“GAMMA” Co. Ltd, founded in 1995, is occupied with production of canned food and tin cans. The company is located in Jrvezh settlement of Kotayk region, Republic of Armenia. “GAMMA” Co. Ltd is the only manufacturer of tin cans in Armenia. Tin cans are produced by “Blema” and “Soudronic” automatic lines from Germany and Sweden. The company covers the whole demand of the local market as well as exports tin cans to other countries of the region. In 2001 “GAMMA” Co. Ltd launched a cannery and began to produce canned food under the brand name “AREGA”. Canned food “AREGA” includes a wide range of tomato paste of different concentrations, peeled tomatoes in own juice, white sweet cherry in light syrup, fruit compotes and a variety of fruit purees. Company Gamma is unique in Armenia in the production of peeled tomatoes on automated lines. Canned food “AREGA” is produced on automated processing and filling lines. All products undergo automated autoclave sterilization. Appropriate specialists are controlling the quality of raw materials, selecting only strong and fresh fruits. The processing is constantly controlled by technical control department and the laboratory. Operational performance is continually evaluated to ensure the highest quality of products. All of “AREGA” products are popular among the consumers and have gained positive feedback due to their high quality and competetive prices conditioned by automatic production line and excellent taste of Ararat valley fruits. “AREGA” products correspond to GOST requirements and have passed Armenian HST and Russian RST certifications. 100% natural products are free of taste and color additives and all taste qualities are preserved in them. Our company operates in the following geographical markets: Russian Federation, Ukraine, Georgia and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia where more than 90% of our production is exported. “GAMMA” produces wide variety of branded products but we also welcome to discuss any private label opportunities. Founded on the principle of serving customers to the best of our ability, our company will create the opportunity for customers to succeed while ensuring our own future. “AREGA” brings only the best quality products to your table. Looking forward to our cooperation.

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Country: Armenia
City: Kotayk region
Address: 375089, set. Jrvezh, Kotayk region, Republic of Armenia
Phone: +374 (10) 64-62-36
Fax: +374 (10) 64-62-35
E-mail: sales@arega.am
URL address:
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